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Sustainability  Consulting

for High Impact Industries

Progress on WSC's Emissions Reduction Goal
Million MT CO2e
Through heping our clients save energy and access new markets

Our clients are set to achieve $7.5 billion in savings over the next two decades by reducing 17 million MT CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

What We Do

Warm Springs Consulting (WSC) works with high-impact industries and organizations to build win-win-win solutions by designing and implementing regenerative systems that ensure financial sustainability while improving ecosystems and caring for communities. Our diverse work covers sustainability strategy, economic feasibility studies, electrification analysis, greenhouse-gas inventories, ESG reporting, climate resilience strategies, scenario planning, energy, and waste planning, technology planning and deployment, communications, stakeholder engagement, and organizational training.

The sectors and industries we work with include government, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, energy, defense, transportation, technology, and waste.


Who We Are

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"It’s not sustainable unless it’s profitable and regenerative."

Our Services

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Sustainability Consulting

Featured Projects

Perpetua Resources

Perpetua Resources' vision is to restore an abandoned mine site, responsibly produce minerals and benefit surrounding communities. Since 2019, the WSC team has been working with Perpetua Resources ...

Swire Water Holdings: GHG Emissions Inventory

Swire Water Holdings Scopes of Work: Scopes 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas Validations Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Materiality Review & Consulting   Schedule: Nov 2022 - Feb 2023   Summary: In ...

Purestream: Micro-hydro and alternative energy Trade-Off Analysis

Purestream Scope of Work: Micro-hydro & Alternative Energy Trade-Off Analysis   Schedule: Aug 2022 - Jan 2023   Summary: In 2022, after conducting an internal analysis of micro-hydro ...

Boise School District – GHG Inventory

Boise School District Scope: Scopes 1, 2, & 3 GHG Emissions Inventory   Schedule: January - December 2023   Summary: In 2023 the Boise School District engaged WSC to perform ...

Integra Resources

The Challenge Integra Resources Corp. is committed to mining in a way that has a net positive impact. To accomplish this, the company has taken steps to evaluate various aspects of sustainability and ...

Bogus Basin: All-Fuels Energy Analysis and Emissions Inventory

Bogus Basin: GHG Emissions Inventory Scope of Work: All-fuels energy analysis and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory   Schedule: August 2022 - Ongoing   Summary: In 2022, ...

Southern Idaho Solid Waste

Southern Idaho Solid Waste: MSW Waste Characterization Study Scopes of Work: Waste Characterization Audit Feasibility Study   Schedule: 2020 - Present   Summary:  On behalf of ...

Materials Transport: Racing to Net Zero

Click Here to Download Slides Click Here to Download Full Report Comparing Haulage Options For Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Costs Authors: Amber ...

Nevada Canyon: Carbon Credit Feasibility Study

Nevada Canyon Scopes of Work:  Market Analysis Techno-Economic Feasibility Study Schedule: 2022 - Ongoing Summary: In 2022, Nevada Canyon engaged WSC to analyze carbon credit markets and ...

Optera Clients : GHG Accounting

Optera Clients: GHG Accounting Scope of Work: Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting Scopes 1, 2, & 3   Schedule: Ongoing   Summary:  WSC supported Optera clients with greenhouse ...

Blaine County Climate Resilience Strategies

The Challenge Warm Springs Consulting was hired by Blaine County, alongside the Sun Valley Institute (SVI), to support current efforts to build lasting prosperity and quality of life in the Wood River ...