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Social Cost of Carbon

By jennifer | September 20, 2023

Why Measure the Social Cost of Carbon? As the world wakes up to the increasing impacts of a changing climate – we are faced with a staggering price-tag. The cost of climate change to society comes from hurricane damage, interrupted supply chains, devastating loss from wildfire, power outages due to extreme heat, and capital required…

Is “Cleantech” Actually Cleaner? Debunking the Misconceptions

By Deborah Hiller La Salle | September 15, 2023

In a world racing to combat climate change, the allure of clean energy technologies shines brighter than ever. The promise of harnessing nature’s elements-sun, wind, and water-to power our lives without harm to the planet seems like a dream come true. But amidst the excitement, questions linger. Is the path to a sustainable future as…

Spring 2023 Newsletter

By amberbieg | May 16, 2023

Our team at Warm Springs Consulting is enjoying the change of season with flowers blooming, leaves unfurling, and ducklings hatching. Spring has finally sprung and we are excited to share some of our recent projects and partnerships that are driving sustainability forward across a range of industries From wastewater treatment to renewable energy and mining, our clients…

Sustainability Consulting or Environmental Consulting: What is the difference?

By amberbieg | May 10, 2023

Warm Springs Consulting (WSC) is often mistaken for an environmental consulting firm. While we do work on some environmental topics, WSC is a sustainability consulting firm, not an environmental consulting firm.  What is the difference between an environmental consulting firm and sustainability consulting firm? There are some commonalities between the two types of consulting firms.…

Core Values – The DNA of a Company

By amberbieg | March 23, 2023

A company’s core values are the DNA of how they operate. From the senior executive to the junior staff. The challenge for most companies is how they operationalize these values. We have been exploring how to do this, including adding these as part of our employment agreements, contracts, and daily operating procedures. Our core values…

The Future of Cleantech in Idaho

By amberbieg | November 5, 2022

Warm Springs Partner and Idaho CTA member, Amber Bieg shares some thoughts on why Cleantech is Good For Idaho. Click below to scroll through the slides from her presentation at Boise Entrepreneur Week.

The Future of Mining and Clean Energy Transition

By amberbieg | November 5, 2022

Warm Springs Consulting Partner, Amber Bieg presents at IMARC in Sydney on November 2, 2022, about the Role of Mining in the Race to Net Zero.

The Role of Mining in The Race to Net Zero Emissions

By amberbieg | August 29, 2022

As the world progresses toward the renewable energy transition, the demand for minerals increases exponentially. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 2021 Net Zero by 2050 Report, critical mineral production needs to grow four to six times in order to combat climate change.[1] The need for raw materials used in solar, wind, and electric…

Why Account for Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

By amberbieg | August 11, 2022

The logic is simple: From a pure operational perspective, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) are simply a measure of energy consumption from various fuel sources – electricity, gas, petroleum, etc.  High GHG emissions are clear indicators of high energy usage, and when measured against key performance indicators, like revenue, expenses, or other operational metrics, can show…

We Are Hiring: Sustainability Communications Manager

By amberbieg | August 10, 2022

Sustainability Communications Manager Would you like to leverage your impact, expand your thought leadership and work with a consulting team tackling some of the biggest challenges of our day? This is your opportunity! You will work with engineers, scientists, economists, policy analysts, and communications experts that are collaborating to create a more sustainable world.  As…