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Boise School District



  1. Scopes 1, 2, & 3 GHG Emissions Inventory


Schedule: January - December 2023



In 2023 the Boise School District engaged WSC to perform a GHG emissions inventory as well as to look at the District’s energy use intensity (EUI) trend over the last 10 years. The inventory covered Scopes 1 & 2 emissions, along with two Scope 3 estimates: waste production and commuting emissions. WSC gathered data for both the District and each of the schools and school facilities (52 in total). 

As the cornerstone of this effort, the emissions inventory provides a baseline upon which the District can craft a strategic path forward. Equipped with this data, the Boise School District and students can now engage in rigorous cost-benefit analyses, prioritize projects, and fine-tune operational efficiencies. This, in turn, holds the promise of substantial cost savings and a leap in operational effectiveness—an outcome that directly translates to an optimized learning environment for students and a sounder financial footing for the District.

From this study the District is prioritizing lighting upgrades to new LED-efficient lighting for all buildings, is looking at where solar is most optimal, and will adopt forward-thinking procurement strategies. By incorporating these tangible insights into the curriculum, students are offered an invaluable resource—an opportunity to engage with real-world data, paving the way for future innovators to craft solutions for carbon reduction. 

The GHG Inventory and 10-Year EUI History are two of several initiatives the District has implemented to increase operational efficiency.

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