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Sustainability  Consulting

for High Impact Industries

Progress on WSC's Emissions Reduction Goal
Million MT CO2e
Through heping our clients save energy and access new markets

Our clients are set to achieve $7.5 billion in savings over the next two decades by reducing 17 million MT CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

What We Do

Warm Springs Consulting (WSC) works with high-impact industries and organizations to build win-win-win solutions by designing and implementing regenerative systems that ensure financial sustainability while improving ecosystems and caring for communities. Our diverse work covers sustainability strategy, economic feasibility studies, electrification analysis, greenhouse-gas inventories, ESG reporting, climate resilience strategies, scenario planning, energy, and waste planning, technology planning and deployment, communications, stakeholder engagement, and organizational training.

The sectors and industries we work with include government, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, energy, defense, transportation, technology, and waste.


Who We Are

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"It’s not sustainable unless it’s profitable and regenerative."

Our Services

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Sustainability Consulting

Featured Projects

Idaho Energy Innovation Speaker Series

The Challenge Alongside the Sun Valley Institute, WSC sought to build upon the seeds planted at Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate, a two day summit in November 2017 that explored market-based ...

Facilitation of Tribal Environmental Leaders Summit

The Challenge Warm Springs Consulting was hired to facilitate the three-day EPA Region 10, Tribal Environmental Leaders Summit (RTOC). With representatives from 250 native tribes and Alaskan Villages, ...

Disaster Recovery Eco Re-Build Plan

The Challenge When a community has lost much of what they have spent a lifetime and even generations working toward, there is hurt beyond material loss. Bringing back hope for the future is paramount ...

SFMTA Website Re-Design

The Challenge The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) hired, WSC partner Amber Bieg, in partnership with InkëDesign, Five Paths, and InterEthnica to redesign and develop the SFMTA website. ...

Pollinators Protection in San Francisco

The Challenge Reports suggest systemic pesticides are a major cause of the decline in the bee population and other pollinator declines.​ San Francisco Environment hired WSC partner Amber Bieg and her ...

Clif Bar Zero Waste Audit

The Challenge Since 2001, Clif Bar & Company (Clif Bar) has been committed to reducing ecological impact and engaged in sustainability. Opened in 2016, the Clif Bar Twin Falls Baking Facility is ...

Feasibility Study: California Wool Mill

  California Wool Mill Feasibility Study   The Challenge As lead author, Warm Springs Consulting Principal, Amber Bieg, worked with Fibershed to produce a feasibility study to assess ...

Green Business Program City of San Francisco

The Challenge WSC partner Amber Bieg led a green business campaign for the City of San Francisco. The goal of this project was to set up and promote a series of six workshops in four key San Francisco ...

Local Highway Council (LHTAC) Public Involvement

The Challenge Small communities in Idaho often receive federal funds for transportation projects that are beholden to federal transportation regulations, limiting local influence over these projects. ...

Idaho Forest Products Commission Sustainable Forestry Blog and Social Media

The Challenge The Idaho Forest Products Commision (IFPC) looked to WSC to write a monthly sustainable forestry blog and promote social media engagement. IFPC’s goal was to increase the relevancy and ...

Energy Upgrade California – Advertising Campaign

The Challenge  WSC partner Amber Bieg, along with her team of designers were hired to assess the effectiveness of various media tactics in engaging San Francisco single-family homeowners in participating ...

Blaine County Western Interstate Region (WIR) Conference

The Challenge Blaine County wished to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of and ensure adequate public services are provided to the people at a reasonable cost. Blaine ...