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A company's core values are the DNA of how they operate. From the senior executive to the junior staff. The challenge for most companies is how they operationalize these values. We have been exploring how to do this, including adding these as part of our employment agreements, contracts, and daily operating procedures. Our core values at Warm Springs Consulting are as follows:

WSC Core Values-01

INTEGRITY:  Be Aligned   

“Integrity” comes from the Latin root “integer”, meaning to be whole and complete. When we are aligned in thought, word, and action, we are whole. We see integrity from a functional view rather than a moralistic one. This means that there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way, but rather one that aligns  with where you want to go vs one that is “off-track.” Integrity is the structural foundation of our work. 

We practice integrity by honoring our word & creating structures that allow us to fulfill our commitments. Integrity doesn’t equate to “being perfect,” but rather is a practice of gently noticing when we are off and quickly course correcting and putting systems in place that keep us on-path. 

WSC Core Values-02

COURAGE: Be Wholehearted - “Yes, And . . .”

The Latin root of “courage” is “Cor” which means “heart.” When we are wholehearted, we fully commit and create space for new possibilities. Our work not only depends on cutting-edge research and innovative strategies, but it also depends on boldly embracing all people and perspectives. And in this, taking a stand for what’s possible. 

We practice courage by living in the space of “Yes, and . . .” It takes courage and inclusive collaboration to bring innovation and transformation to long-standing industries and systems. It takes bravery to change minds and hearts. By engaging wholeheartedly, we also access freedom, joy, and fun. This expands to all areas of our lives and inspires others.

WSC Core Values-03

CARE: Be Attentive & Curious

“Care” comes from the Latin root “cura” which means to “care”, “cure” or “heal.” The word “curiosity” also stems from this same Latin root. We carry a deep sense of curiosity, learning, appreciation, and care toward the health and well-being of humanity and our planet, the central focus of our work. 

We practice care through attentiveness, curiosity, empathy, and diligence as organizational habits. Through these habits, we are better able to care for each other, our work, and the planet. Care is also practiced through our habit of “Going Above and Beyond” in delivering excellent quality of service, impeccable work products, and attention to detail for our clients.