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Remembering Jay Schuyler

Jay Schuyler fishing the Boise River

In loving memory of Jay Schuyler, friend, uncle, brother, and cherished teammate at Warm Springs Consulting. On December 28, 2023, Jay left Earth to find better fishing spots.

Jay's unwavering dedication to our work was an inspiration. His ability to tackle challenging problems with tenacity was a testament to his passion. He was always ready to go the extra mile, sharing his knowledge and expertise with his colleagues. Jay's contributions to our team and the projects we undertook will be a lasting legacy. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to see one of his most recent projects published. The week he passed, Mining Engineering published a study he contributed to, evaluating energy, emissions, and costs of various mine haulage systems. Click here to read the December 2023 issue of Mining Engineering. He would have been proud of this work.

With his unwavering dedication and ability to lift spirits, Jay was more than just a colleague; he was our steadfast ally. Jay's love for our team knew no bounds. He often showered us with words of encouragement and admiration that fueled our passion even further. He was passionate about our work to the extent that he even extended an offer to invest in a renewable energy project he wanted to see come to light - demonstrating, once again, his deep commitment to our work. Ultimately, our team chose not to pursue the project as the risk outweighed the potential return.

Beyond his professional achievements and love for his work, Jay was also a compassionate and caring individual who deeply cared for his family, friends, and colleagues. He was always willing to lend a helping hand or offer a kind word. When Deb’s son Austin fell ill unexpectedly, Jay didn't hesitate to step in, driving both to the ER and providing humor along the way. Through moments like these, Jay embodied selflessness and care, leaving a lasting contribution to our team and company culture. His memory continues to inspire us, reminding us of the profound impact one person's warmth and compassion can have on those around them. 

His family was his world - and he spoke fondly about his brother John, sister-in-law Tracey, and nieces Maddie and Peyton. He was very close with both of his parents. After his mom and dad passed (about six months apart), we observed his health and well-being slide. While we did our best to be a support for him, it was painful to watch him fall further into heartbreak and ill health. I sincerely believe that the primary cause of his decline was the heartbreak of losing both his parents in such a short amount of time.

Outside of work, Jay's heart beat for fly fishing. The tranquility he found in casting his line in the pristine streams and rivers of Idaho and Montana was his spiritual practice. Jay's profound respect for nature and the environment was palpable, and he was a staunch advocate for sustainable fishing practices. His love for fly fishing brought him countless treasured memories and enduring friendships - some of which included travel to extraordinary places. One of my most cherished memories with Jay was an afternoon we took off work, during which he patiently coached me on my casting technique. We waded to the perfect spot on the Boise River, with the light hitting just right, illuminating his joy. I had the privilege of seeing him in his element, and although we didn’t catch anything, the day was simply perfect. 

Jay's passing has left us with a profound sense of loss. He was a valued team member, a dear friend to many, and a beloved brother and uncle. His niece Peyton Schuyler set up a Facebook group so that his friends from around the world could share their memories and love.  Click here to join the Facebook group his niece set up to remember him)

We extend our deepest condolences to Jay's family and friends during this difficult time. May his memory continue to live through the lives he touched, the projects he contributed to, and the countless moments of joy and laughter he shared. 

Rest in peace, Jay. We miss you. 

May your soul fly free and find the best fishing spots.


With all our love and gratitude, 

Amber Bieg, Deb La Salle, and the Warm Springs Consulting Team

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