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Local Highway Council (LHTAC) Public Involvement

The Challenge

Small communities in Idaho often receive federal funds for transportation projects that are beholden to federal transportation regulations, limiting local influence over these projects. WSC partner Deborah LaSalle, with Holladay Engineering Company (HECO), was hired to engage local citizens to review several local transportation projects, gather and report public input, and work to find solutions that would be meet federal requirements and attend to public needs and desires.

The Solution

Ms. LaSalle worked with HECO to present proposed transportation projects clearly and concisely. Ms. LaSalle led outreach efforts in Boise County and the cities of Fruitland, Cambridge, Crouch, Emmett, Middleton, and Eagle (dates listed below), through Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) funding. She facilitated conversations between residents, neighborhood groups, business and property owners, and project engineers to ensure thorough, clear, and documented communications. In the City of Crouch, where controversy of a large-span bridge threatened long-term business owners and the towns’ character, public engagement resulted in an authentic bridge that addressed concerns of downtown business owners and city representatives.

Ms. LaSalle’s support included establishing rapport with local residents, identifying resident and community concerns, and keeping the local community well informed regarding transportation and community projects. She led outreach efforts for roadway or bicycle pathway improvement and expansion projects listed below. All projects and deliverables were completed on time and within budget.

  1. Boise County/City of Crouch, Road Improvement Project and Bridge Replacement (2006-2009)

  2. City of Middleton, North Cemetery and Middleton Road Realignment and Road Widening Projects (2006 – 2007)

  3. City of Cambridge, Road Improvement Project and Bridge Replacement (2005-2008)

  4. City of Eagle, Eagle Pathway Bridge, and Underpass Projects (2007)

  5. City of Emmett, Road Improvement Project (2006-2007)

  6. City of Fruitland, Road Widening (2004-2005)