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Sustainability Benefits Commercial Real Estate in Idaho

By amberbieg | February 14, 2019

This article was originally posted to Idaho Business Review on January 8, 2019 By: Amber Bieg, Kelsey Jae Nunez, Deborah Hiller LaSalle and Sharon P. Grant As a property manager or business owner, a key question often is: How do I increase profit without a huge upfront investment? While market forces and good marketing can drive…

Local Economies – Systems that Work!

By amberbieg | April 24, 2018

We’re a B Corp!

By amberbieg | November 21, 2018

Warm Springs Consulting became a Certified B Corporation in 2018. We were certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We’ve evaluated how our practices impact our community, the environment, our customers, our employees, and contractors to reduce overall environmental impact and maximize social good.…

Managing Change

By amberbieg | July 14, 2018

Women, Money and Power: When the sexual harassment stopped

By amberbieg | January 16, 2019

This story was originally posted on Medium here.   I can’t pinpoint when exactly it happened, but it was sometime in 2007 when I stopped being a victim of sexual harassment in my professional life. Yes, I still get an occasional cat call on the street or an obnoxious ass grab in a nightclub — that type…

Safeguarding Idaho's Economy in a Changing Climate

By amberbieg | August 9, 2017

Warm Springs Consulting was hired in April 2017 to coordinate Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate, a first of its kind, two-day statewide summit to explore market-based solutions for businesses and communities to mitigate or adapt to changes in natural resources, economics, and culture. WSC used Human Centered Design to support the client in…

The Soul of Investing with RSF social Finance

By amberbieg | August 8, 2017

Posted to Triple Pundit by Amber Bieg Monday, Nov 9th, 2015 What if your investments reflected your spiritual values? What if you put your money where your heart is? RSF Social Finance is helping pave the way for investors and entrepreneurs to incorporate their values and even spirituality into their investing practices.  The company’s goal, as President…

Human Centered Marketing: Marketing as Design Thinking?

By amberbieg | May 16, 2017

Marketing as Design Thinking? Why yes, of course! How many times have you seen an ad that simply “misses the mark” or a promotion for a new product that flops? I bet that you don’t even notice it anymore it has happened so often. But why does it happen? Why are millions poured into an…

Do Trees Need People?

By amberbieg | April 26, 2017

Originally posted at Idaho Forest Products Commission Original post by Amber Bieg on April 12, 2017 The world’s oldest tree, a 9,550-year-old spruce, was recently discovered in Sweden.1 This new-found spindly record holder is old even for a tree… right? Perhaps you are asking: How long does a tree live? While there are a few…