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Southern Idaho Solid Waste


Project Team Members:

Amber Bieg - Warm Springs Consulting: Sustainability Strategy

Leif Elgethun - Sprout Energy: Energy Consulting

Deb LaSalle - Warm Springs Consulting: Research


Project Partners: Sprout Energy

Scope: Sustainability Roadmap

Schedule: 2018-2019

Budget: Not disclosable



St. Luke’s aim was to create a vision and plan to implement sustainability practices. The organization’s facilities leadership sought to build a sustainability program to explore a path toward cost efficiency and positive community impact. 


With overall strategy and facilitation led by WSC partner Amber Bieg, and energy planning led by Sprout Energy, St. Luke’s developed a sustainability strategy and comprehensive roadmap, and high-level energy plan. 

Outcomes included recommendations for: climate benchmarking and reporting; prioritization based on feasibility and economic return; an action plan; staffing; and energy retrofits. The plan also included waste and water savings financial analysis and business cases supporting sustainability goals. 

WSC also identified key “low hanging fruit” opportunities that would allow the client to jumpstart its sustainability program with minimal upfront costs and maximum cost savings. 

The roadmap serves as a checklist and guide as the organization develops its sustainability programs, with the aim of making a positive impact on the community, decreasing GHG emissions, and increasing profitability.