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Joule Case: Sustainability Carbon Calculator and Various Projects


Scopes of Work:

  1. CO2 Calculator
  2. Market Research
  3. Grant Research & Proposals


Schedule: Sept 2019 - Feb 2021



Joule Case is a battery energy storage systems (BESS). WSC supported Joule Case during its start up phase on multiple fronts, including market research, grant proposals, and developing a decarbonization calculator tool. 

WSC interviewed potential target customers of Joule Case and looked for the value proposition of the Joule Case BESS product. WSC helped developed customer composite customer profiles. WSC designed decarbonization and ROI calculators for target customers where Joule Case adoption looked promising. These calculators were used in go-to market strategies and sales processes. 

WSC also supported Joule Case in looking at market potential of their BESS as part of a community microgrid and published “The Future of Energy.” WSC supported Joule Case in developing and submitting a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant Proposal.




Thank you so much for all the work and the driving of this project that you have done. You are the reason this is where it currently is. I am very grateful to have your support in Joule Case.”  

– James Wagoner, CEO