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Idaho Smart Energy Initiative


Governments entities, businesses, and non-profit leaders have come together with goal to position Idaho as a clean energy leader, paving the way for a prosperous, secure, and healthy future. We engage and educate Idaho leaders on how to remove barriers and foster a positive market environment for clean energy within the state and beyond.

The Idaho Smart Energy Initiative: 

  • Educates leaders on the economic benefits of clean energy

  • Builds collaboration for clean energy policies and infrastructure

  • Advocates for clean energy programs

  • Researches policies and technologies 

  • Publishes case studies on successes in clean energy

  • Supports the development of clean tech businesses in Idaho  

Current Participants:

Vision: Our aim is to position Idaho as a clean energy leader, paving the way for a more prosperous, secure, and healthy future. 

Mission: We engage and educate Idaho leaders to remove barriers and foster a positive market environment for clean energy within the state and beyond. 

Defining Smart Clean Energy: Clean energy resources are defined as any resource that provides energy generated with no carbon emission during the generating/sourcing process. This is not meant to include carbon that may have been emitted in creating the generating/sources equipment – i.e. wind turbine blades, solar panels, etc.

Areas of Focus for the Idaho Smart Energy Initiative

1: Educate policy-makers, regulators, and key stakeholders in the energy and transportation sectors to create policies, rules, and make investments that accelerate adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency.

2: Increase awareness of the need, urgency, and economic benefit of clean energy systems.

3: Support the growth and development of clean energy technology companies in Idaho.

Can Idaho Tap Into Emerging Energy Opportunities?

Estimates show that the annual value of the U.S. energy storage market is expected to exceed $1.2 billion in 2019 and will continue to grow exponentially. With the right investments, Idahoans will benefit from this market growth and could be well positioned to lead in the new energy economy. Actions that could contribute to Idaho’s economic and environmental resilience include:

  1. Research and Development in:

    1. Smartgrid – Adapt and integrate advanced digital technology to modernize the nation’s electric grid for enhanced operational intelligence and connectivity.

    2. Microgrid – Improve localized microgrid functionality and operations. Development and improvements to mitigate grid disturbances and strengthen grid resilience.

    3. Energy Storage – Improve and reduce costs of materials for battery, electrolytic capacitor, and flywheel systems, while developing and testing advanced components and storage systems.

  2. Economic incentives for energy efficiency, distributed generation, and storage.

  3. Development of new clean and renewable generation sources, transportation, and grid management.

Support needed.

We need financial support to administer this group! If you would like to see more clear pathways for clean energy in Idaho click here to provide a financial contribution to support this group.  If you would like to be part of the group, please email