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Idaho Smart Energy Initiative


Scope of Work: 

  1. Branding
  2. Strategy
  3. Marketing & Messaging
  4. Event Coordination


Schedule: August 2018 - 2021



WSC worked with key business, nonprofit and government leaders in Idaho to drive clean energy innovation and position Idaho to become a clean energy leader. Core tactics involved researching federal, state and local policy to identify roadblocks and educating key decision-makers (business leaders, policy-makers and government agencies) on potential solutions. To build traction, WSC employed public engagement throughout Idaho, coordinating a speaker series and tours of the Idaho National Laboratory’s Energy Systems Laboratory and Center for Advanced Energy Studies. WSC developed all the messaging, wrote an article for the Idaho Business Review, designed outreach materials, issued press releases, and interviewed experts and developed podcasts for Radio Boise and Idaho Matters.

WSC conducted research on the clean energy and storage needs of Idaho’s largest energy customers. WSC interviewed those consumers regarding the policy, technical and economic hurdles faced when it comes to securing clean energy. To conduct thorough research and connect with the high-level energy users, WSC collaborated with energy and policy experts (INL, Idaho Power, Power Engineers, The Risky Business Project, Union of Concerned Scientists, the BSU Energy Policy Institute and others). WSC then designed a set of business value proposition case studies related to energy efficiency, clean energy and storage and presented the clean energy business case studies at the Northwest Energy Coalition Conference and to Idaho Congressional representatives.