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The Davey Tree Expert Company


Project Team Members

Amber Bieg: Strategy/Project Lead


Scope: Materiality and sustainability strategy research


Schedule: August 2020 -  Present


Summary: Davey Tree, one of the oldest and largest employee-owned companies is a leader in sustainability and has been producing a sustainability report for more than ten years. After ten years, Davey started to ask: How can we do better? 


In 2020, Davey hired WSC to better understand what is important to employees and how their interests are part of the organizational culture in how it relates to sustainability. To support Davey in this effort, WSC employed  Human Centered Design a Design Thinking methodology that uses empathy to deeply understand stakeholders, their motivations and needs. 


As an outcome of the work, Davey is in the process of a cultural transformation, intentionally rethinking who they are as a company and their purpose. They are shifting their corporate strategy, including looking

 at new business opportunities and opportunities for revenue growth. 


Additionally, WSC did an electrification analysis for Davey to help the company explore the costs/benefits of electrifying the current vehicle and equipment fleet. The analysis predicted that over the next ten years, davey would reduce GHG emissions by nearly 12 million metric tons of CO2e and save more than $2 billion.  


WSC continues to work with Davey on various projects new initiatives. 



Quotes from Employee Surveys:


“It is important for Davey to engage in sustainability. Times have changed. We have to build the future for the kids.”


“It’s good to know that Davey is taking sustainability and action more seriously-- more seriously than I realized. It’s refreshing and reinforces my contentment with Davey.” 


“How do we integrate sustainability into Davey Tree culture such that the actions, decisions, and attitudes of everyone in our organization reflect our core values?”