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Bring Your Own Bag Campaign

The Challenge

Amber Bieg WSC Partner was hired by the City of San Francisco to manage the Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition (BayROC) regional campaigns.


The Solution

She worked on campaign coordination, fundraising from nearly 30 participating agencies across the nine Bay Area Counties, copy and content production, media buy management, creative radio and online advertising, social media strategy and implementation. The Bring Your Own Bag campaign ran for nearly three years. In addition to campaign management, Amber facilitated the first-ever strategic plan for BayROC. In this process, BayROC reconfirmed its focus on the Bring Your Own Bag Campaign ( and prioritized exploration of opportunities to develop social marketing and reach out to multicultural audiences. Amer and her team also implemented behavior change data analysis, conducting a before and after survey, gathering over 10,000 data-points, to look at the net result of the BayROC campaigns, adjusted for policy changes.