Mark LaSalle, M.A.

UX Designer


Mark LaSalle has extensive UX research and design experience. As a Senior UX Designer and Human Factors Engineer at HP, Inc., he applied UX Design methods across all touchpoints and user types for using, managing, servicing, and selling printing technologies. Mark defined user experiences for web, apps, and software, user interfaces such as touch screens, as well as UX for hardware and packaging – experiences for full solutions.

Mark has demonstrated expertise in answering hard questions, making the complex simple, and seeing what others do not. Mark approaches design challenges with a passion for shining a light on the undiscovered truths with calm thoroughness, strong observation skills, and perceptual talents.

With over 15 years in the industry, Mark is well positioned to contribute the full spectrum of skills including strategy and leadership, user empathy and personas, ROI and value assessments, wireframes and prototypes, research and measurement, and management.