Mark Blaiser, MS



Mark Blaiser has been involved in the sustainability and environmental leadership field for over fifteen years, working with businesses, large and small, on integrating sustainability into organizational operations. Mark has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Target, Coca-Cola, Johnson Controls, 3M, Boston Scientific, Xcel Energy and others on sustainability initiatives. Mark has also consulted with medium to small businesses, colleges and universities, ski and vacation resorts, non-profits, and local and state governments, implementing sustainability solutions that achieve results both financially and environmentally.

Mark holds a master’s degree in Environmental Leadership with a focus on organizational environmental sustainability. He has published articles in various industry and trade journals and has given interviews for print and television media to discuss the importance of sustainability for business, government and society.

Prior to moving to Idaho, Mark ran a nonprofit affiliate program of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce dedicated to helping businesses integrate sustainability into operations through waste reduction, natural resource conservation and energy efficiency. These initiatives helped decrease organizational environment impacts while increasing the bottom-line, proving sustainability is smart business. Bill Blazar, Senior Vice President of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, said about Mark, “The great, and quite possibly unique, thing about Mark Blaiser is his knowledge of both business and sustainability. Mark provides solutions that improve a business’ bottom line and make our environment healthier. For him, sustainability applies to the business and the environment.”