Emily Walker, MBA



Emily has a background in business with an MBA and a BBA from Boise State University (BSU) with minors in Nonprofit Management and Entrepreneurial Management. This education has provided her with expertise in areas such as sustainability strategy, benchmarking and reporting, and corporate social responsibility. She has a passion for social and environmental impact and has experience working directly with four Boise B Corporations developing strategies to achieve environmental and social goals. She has also received a Sustainability Reporting Badge working on the College of Business and Economics and College of Health Science sustainability reports at BSU.

Emily has experience in a corporate environment in corporate social responsibility, marketing, and community outreach.Emily has used her exceptional communication skills to write a corporate responsibility report at Idaho Milk Products, ensuring brand voice and proper industry wording. She also worked with the marketing department conducting positioning research, creating marketing materials, and producing internal and external communication videos. Working with Idaho Milk Products, Global Service Partnerships, and Proof Eyewear, Emily created social media strategies and content. She has given her time to companies like Vivid Roots and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to assist in fundraising efforts.  

After joining WSC in 2018, she was instrumental in recruiting sponsors and fundraising for the Blaine County 2018 WIR Conference. She took part in planning, logistics, and facilitator training for the Blaine County Scenario Planning and Community Solutions Workshop. She analyzed constituent interview, compiled a report of improvement areas, and assisted in writing and editing of workshop results in final report. With WSC parters, Emily conducted a zero-waste audit for large manufacturing facility and created audit report to identify reduction areas.