Zero Waste Audit and Consulting

Summary: Since 2001, Clif Bar & Company (Clif Bar) has been committed to reducing ecological impact and engaged in sustainability. Opened in 2016, the Clif Bar Twin Falls Baking Facility is a sustainability-focused facility featuring innovations such as green building and biophilic design elements. As of fall 2018, the facility had achieved 95% landfill waste diversion.

In 2018, the Twin Falls facility set the goal of achieving Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) True Zero Waste Certification. Clif Bar hired Warm Springs Consulting (WSC) to support this zero waste initiative. WSC along with the Clif Bar Baking Facility Twin Falls’ environmental services and Clif Bar Corporate sustainability teams conducted a waste audit following True Zero Waste framework.

The main goals of the waste audit were to:

  1. Audit landfill wastestream to look for opportunities to

  2. increase landfill waste diversion

  3. Gain points toward True Zero Waste Certification

  4. Make recommendations for achieving the zero waste goal

The audit was completed in December 2018 and recommendations report was presented to Clif Bar corporate and the local team in January 2019. The True Zero Waste certification process is still underway.

“I wish we brought WSC in so much earlier than we did. It we had brought them in 18 months earlier it would have been a game changer. We spent so much time trying to find out how to recycle things. It would have saved us thousands of hours.”   

– Wade Allred, Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability Manager, Clif Bar Baking Company